Wiffle Ball

Come join our Wiffle Ball Leagues! These leagues are a great way to safely introduce the game of baseball to beginners and continually grow the skills of experienced players while promoting the enjoyment of the game.

General Information
  • Your child will be placed on a team with others his or her age.
  • Teams are supervised and coached by Big League Dreams coordinators.
  • Each session will provide basic instruction on the fundamentals of baseball and a 45-minute Wiffle Ball game will be played each week.
  • Participants will get one-on-one help each week, helping to continually improve their skills while promoting the enjoyment of the game.
We currently offer two levels of play:
Beginner - Recommended for ages 3-5 for children who are new to the game of baseball. Parents are requested to participate/assist their child on the field. Sessions include instructional topics such as:
-- Terminology (Field, Dugout, Base, Foul, etc.)
-- Base Running
-- Batting from a Tee
-- Throwing
-- Fielding Ground Balls

Advanced - Recommended for ages 4-6 for children who already understand the basics of baseball and can independently hit, throw, and run the bases. Parents are encouraged to spectate and not to participate on the field to foster independence. Sessions include instructional topics such as:
-- Terminology (Out, Double, Fly Ball, etc.)
-- Improved Batting Techniques Off a Pitched Ball
-- Fielding (Fly & Ground)
-- Base Plays (Outs)
-- Throwing Accuracy

Additional Information
  • Spots are limited so register today!
  • This program takes place at Big League Dreams, an indoor facility located at 15 Fostertown Road in Medford (near the historic Kirby's Mill).
  • Adult leagues are also available. For more information visit www.playbld.com or call 609-654-4555.